[Dovecot] recipient_delimiter

LuKreme kremels at kreme.com
Fri Sep 27 23:39:10 EEST 2013

On 27 Sep 2013, at 13:45 , Jerry <jerry at seibercom.net> wrote:

> On Fri, 27 Sep 2013 12:01:20 -0600
> LuKreme articulated:
>> On 26 Sep 2013, at 17:36 , Noel Butler <noel.butler at ausics.net> wrote:
>>> Certainly does not do that by _default_ in a normal
>>> mysql/virtuser/maildir setup using lda 
>>> when mail arrives for foo+dovecot at example.com
>>> it gets stored in foo's  cur/
>>> leaving it for the end users mail client to decide what to do with
>>> it, if anything.
>> Hmm. I guess I was misinformed. Too bad, since currently my procmail
>> pipe is not working for virtual users (I am getting permission denied
>> errors).
> Why use procmail when sieve is so much more powerful?

First, I have a lot of procmail recipes over many years. Second, there are quite a few things that sieve can’t do that procmail does well (for just one example, calling external programs).

Sieve also doesn’t allow you to add or alter headers, I don’t believe.

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