[Dovecot] New install not working.

Joseph Tam jtam.home at gmail.com
Sat Sep 28 10:17:55 EEST 2013

"Rhorer, Leslie" <Leslie.Rhorer at twtelecom.com> writes:

> At first things were looking much better, except that most of my
> folders, other than the Inbox, were not showing up.  I started changing
> both the dovecot configuration and the folder structure of my mail
> files, but now I can't even get the Inbox to populate.  Outlooks says
> it is there, along with any folders I create new in Outlook, plus the
> Trash folder, which is the only non-local folder with anything in it.
> Try what I might, I can't get my Inbox to populate or any of the
> existing folders to show up at all.  Here is the current output from
> dovecot -n:
> ....
> mail_location = mbox:/RAID/home/%u/mail

Maybe try

 	mail_location = mbox:/RAID/home/%n/mail:INBOX=/RAID/home/%n/mail/inbox

(%n does not include the domain part, but it might be the same as %u).

Joseph Tam <jtam.home at gmail.com>

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