Fatal: lazy_expunge: Unknown namespace: '.EXPUNGED/'

Philipp Faeustlin Philipp.Faeustlin at uni-hohenheim.de
Thu Aug 21 10:28:18 UTC 2014

Am 12.08.2014 um 15:52 schrieb Philipp Faeustlin:
> Hello List,
> with dovecot version, I actually have a problem using
> lazy_expunge and acl together.
> Shared/Public Folders work fine with lazy_expunge disabled.
> If lazy_expunge is enabled and userA got a shared folder form userB,
> then there is the error shown in subject.
> My test case to reproduce the error.
> doveadm mailbox list -u userA at domain
> --> Output Fine.
> doveadm acl set -u userB at domain INBOX user=userA at domain lookup read
> write write-seen write-deleted insert expunge create
> --> Fine.
> doveadm mailbox list -u userA at domain
> --> Some output and then:
> --> doveadm(userA at domain): Fatal: lazy_expunge: Unknown namespace:
> I think this is a bug in dovecot, can someone of the dovecot developers
> or someone else confirm this?
> If it is not please show me the fault in my configuration.
> In May 2014 there was a thread with the same issue on this mailing list,
> but with no solution.
> http://dovecot.org/pipermail/dovecot/2014-May/096355.html
> Best regards
> Philipp Fäustlin

Can someone give me a hint, how I can do some further debugging on that 
I tried some rawlog for the imap connection, because this connection 
also fails, if i have acl and lazy_expunge enabled.
But this doesn't help me.

The log ends with:
out: 2 OK Enabled.
in: 3 LIST () "" (* Shared/* Groups/*)

The only thing I really have is the Log-File witch says:
dovecot: imap(userA at domain): Fatal: lazy_expunge: Unknown namespace: 

And until now I didn't find any solution for this error.


Philipp Fäustlin

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