Subject tag [Dovecot] is gone

Paolo sottilette at
Wed Jun 11 08:42:32 UTC 2014

In this list we have Timo and many other people very skilled in dovecot 
and mail related stuff.
I read the considerations and I suppose they are right, but ...
Also there are people like me that are lower profile sysadmins.
Filtering mail isn't a problem, but, in my opinion, having the 
tag [Dovecot] in the subject is the better solution for "visual" 
I receive 2-300 mail / day in the inbox. Often I don't read a dovecot or 
postfix thread if the subject doesn't interest me, but sometime the tag 
[Dovecot], increase the appeal of others keyword ...
Pheraps, mail filtered in folders are rarely read in real time. Usually I 
look at it in my spare time (very reduced), or when I search for a 
specific argoment.
A couple of friends agree with me, so I am not the only ... ;-)

This is only our opinion as "low profile sysadmin",

Anyway, thanks to Timo and others for the great product and the support.

Regards, Paolo

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