AW: Problem syncing mailboxes using doveadm sync

Patrick De Zordo patrick at
Wed Jun 18 09:28:05 UTC 2014

Would you really "sync" or just "backup"?
To help decide, are you changing messages on both servers or is the second one just a backup-server?

In case of backup you could use this command:
doveadm backup -u user at ssh doveadm dsync-server -u user at

Could this help you?


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> Przemyslaw Orzechowski
> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2014 07:28
> An: Dovecot Mailing List
> Betreff: Problem syncing mailboxes using doveadm sync
> Hi
> command im using command bellow on destination server rtying to make
> keep it in sync after initialy doing doveadm backup -R
> doveadm -Dv -o imapc_host=src.srv -o imapc_user=test at domain.tld -
> opop3c_user=test at domain.tld -o imapc_password='pass' -o
> pop3c_password='pass' -o mail_fsync=never -o mail_prefetch_count=20
> sync -f -1 -R -u test at domain.tld imapc:
> Im using dovecot on both source and destination server (source is dovecot
> 1.0.10 destination is 2.2.9)
> Destination box is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with dovecot installed using apt.
> When i create new mail message on the serrver where i run this command its
> not propagated to the remote (old) server Is this command wrong ?
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