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Joseph Tam jtam.home at
Wed Jun 18 23:47:21 UTC 2014

From: Egbert <egbert at>

> The dovecot config is still pretty much in 1.x style; one flat file
> called dovecot.conf. I can easily switch to a dovecot.conf with the
> "!include" lines and rename my flat config file to local.conf. I've
> tested that and it works fine. I could also try to move all lines in
> local.conf to the different XX-.conf files in the conf.d subdir. What is
> wise and best practice? Should one edit the files in conf.d? Or will the
> files in conf.d be overwritten on an update of dovecot? Then I'll better
> stick to the way of working with the dovecot.conf with the !includes and
> local.conf and assume that all files in conf.d are default settings.

I think you will hear from proponents of both styles.  I would say use
whatever works best for you.

I personally use one dovecot.conf without any includes because I like
having all my configs in one place.  Less editing mutiple files, and
less forgetting some configuration squirreled away in some conf.d file.

Joseph Tam <jtam.home at>

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