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Wed Oct 1 23:40:17 UTC 2014

Hi People,

I recently setup a replication service within dovecot between two machines in different datacenters, which has the following configuration;
(yes it is hashed out, because I needed to)

#service replicator {
#  unix_listener replicator-doveadm {
#    mode = 0666
#  }
#  process_min_avail = 1
#service aggregator {
#  fifo_listener replication-notify-fifo {
#    mode = 0666
#    #user = vmail
#  }
#  unix_listener replication-notify {
#    mode = 0666
#    #user = vmail
#  }
#service doveadm {
#  inet_listener {
#    port = 12346
#  }
##doveadm_port = 12346
#doveadm_password = XXXXXXX
#replication_max_conns = 30

and a mail_replica = tcp:host{a,b}:12346 configuration on each host so that they are pointing to eachother; This seems to work fine for most accounts, for example: I never experienced issues with this. However, several other accounts (with a large variety of clients) got duplicated emails. Looking with doveadm I only noticed that the numbers of the messages are closely related to eachother but one number incremented. So they cannot be deleted with the deduplicator function.

The replication is provided over TCP only, the connection streams over an OpenVPN tunnel so that the contents are protected, the machines are located in different Datacenters but close to eachother.

How can I determine why there are duplicated emails?
What kind of messages should I specifically look for?

Can I set this up for a few selected accounts instead of all accounts like it was currently? To make sure I do not make things worse for others then needs to be :-)
The service had been disabled for the time being to prevent the other users from getting duplicated emails.

Thanks for the advice in advance!



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