auth with entire email addr instead of just username

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Thu Oct 2 20:19:21 UTC 2014

Am 02.10.2014 um 22:13 schrieb Cliff Hayes:
> I am trying to configure a new IMAP based mail server.
> I thought I had everything correct.
> I have dovecot logging turned up and see that dovecot is processing the entire email address as the username like
> this...
> Oct  2 14:52:20 servername dovecot: auth: Debug: pam(testuser at, lookup service=dovecot
> ... and of course pam is reporting that as an invalid user.
> Moments ago when all was mbox, authentication worked fine.
> I can see Thunderbird has the username correct (no domain).
> What is tacking on the domain and how do I fix?

output of "dovecot -n" would be in general a good start

* how looks your user database
* if you don't use domain as part of the username what do you do
  in case you get a second domain and names collide
* these days the full qualified mail address as username is common
  and in caes of virtual users you can feed all from the same
  source instead hanlde the localpart special for login-names

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