index problem with only 1 folder of 1 box

Guillaume tmpdovecot at
Fri Oct 10 12:46:08 UTC 2014

Thank you for your answer. I will try to upgrade dovecot.
By the way, I erase cache of solr ( <delete><query>*:*</query></delete> 
) and the problem is always here...

When I will can upgrade dovecot, i will write back to say if its good or 

Sincerely yours,


Le 10/10/2014 14:15, Teemu Huovila a écrit :
> Hello
> On 10/10/2014 02:50 PM, Guillaume wrote:
>> The biggest trouble for me is :
>> Is it a solr problem or a dovecot problem?
>> In my opinion, it's more a dovecot problem because the first research after a solr reindex give the good answer.
> If at all possible, you should try a newer version of Dovecot. There have been quite a few changes to FTS and the SOLR backend
> since version 2.2.9. See attached log for HG log of changes. Hope this helps.
> br,
> Teemu Huovila

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