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Thu Oct 16 09:01:16 UTC 2014

Pascal Volk writes:

>> Cut&pasted off the terminal man page output.  Looking into
>> man1/doveadm-move.1, I see
>>  	.B doveadm move \-u jane Archive/2011/09 mailbox INBOX BEFORE \(rs
>>  	.B 2011-10-01 SINCE 01-Sep-2011
>> so it's a problem with my nroff, not dovecot's man pages.  (Hmm, it
>> happens with groff too -- it appears to be some sort of line length bug.)
> Well, there was a problem with non-escaped dashes. But that was fixed 10
> months ago:

Nope, that didn't fix it.

> I'm not sure, if that is the reason for the problem.
> Which OS, *roff are you using? Maybe I'm able to reproduce the problem. :-)

It's Solaris10 nroff, and GNU groff 1.19.1.  Ancient stuff so I wouldn't
spend too much time looking at it.  It's weird that two independent
software implementations would do the same thing.

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