What is the correct way to configure the mail_location option for Mailidr format?

Benny Pedersen me at junc.eu
Tue Oct 21 20:53:53 UTC 2014

On October 21, 2014 7:04:38 PM deoren <Dovecot-mailing-list at whyaskwhy.org> 

> On 10/21/2014 11:44 AM, Benny Pedersen wrote:
> > On October 21, 2014 6:18:07 PM deoren
> > <Dovecot-mailing-list at whyaskwhy.org> wrote:
> >
> >>      mail_location = maildir:/var/vmail/%d/%n/Maildir
> >>      sieve_dir = /var/vmail/sieve/%d/%n/sieve_dir
> >
> > mail_location = maildir:/var/vmail/%d/%n/.maildir
> > sieve_dir = /var/vmail/%d/%n/.sieve
> >
> > More simple, and more easy to tarball backup
> Thank you for the advice. Can you comment re these two approaches for
> configuring the 'mail_location' option? I assume the first is simply wrong?
> mail_location = maildir:/var/vmail/%d/%n
> mail_location = maildir:/var/vmail/%d/%n/.maildir
> Also, why do you use the '.maildir' folder name instead of 'Maildir'? Is
> that so it doesn't appear in the ls output by default? Some other reason
> perhaps?
> I agree that having the sieve scripts in a different location than the
> mail content is less than ideal. When the sieve scripts were originally
> stored in the /var/vmail/%d/%n directory they showed up within
> Thunderbird as folders, so to get things working again quickly I made
> sure to move the sieve scripts completely outside of where the mail
> content was stored.
> The cause was likely the 'mail_location' option being misconfigured
> (assuming that it really is, I'm still trying to nail that down), so
> once that is resolved I'm planning on moving them back.
> Thanks for the reply. I'm hoping rearranging the mail content will be
> just as easy to do.

I just remember to use $HOME or ~ fetched here from mysql or static args, 
thus all none existing temp dirs will not be a problem, and it fits with 
maildrop and procmail, still running dovecot 1.2.17 with gentoo

So $HOME/.maildir

Yes it will hide dirs in ls, but you can list hidded dirs with a option

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