Invoking the spam checker on the sieve script

Peter Chiochetti pch at
Thu Oct 23 23:35:28 UTC 2014

Am 2014-10-23 um 17:11 schrieb Alejandro Exojo:
> I moved to IMAP and my filters are server side with sieve, but I don't have
> spam filtering yet.

I understand, that you do not want spamassassin (SA) to check lots of 
messages that are clean anyways.

If you can call SA from sieve, as a condtion in an if clause, filtering 
should be no problem, should it?

MUAs, e.g. Thunderbird (TB) also have good junk filters, so that might 
be an option too. In one account of mine, mail is filtered on the server 
and I later have TB filter the SPAM folder locally and occasionally they 
both disagree ;) False SA positives are more rare than false SA 
negatives. SA and TB score about the same, though TB seems to me to be 
more accustomed to my spool.

On a server I administer, quite similar to your setup, very few users, I 
recently had to turn on greylisting, which proved exceptionally well in 
reducing SA load: Checking is done there during SMTP time. Of course 
this will not help in your case when the bulk will pass...

> I thought I could replicate the setup easily, but it seems
> nobody is doing that, and everyone has the mail already scored when it reaches
> sieve. Seems like the "extprograms" extension would be a fit, but again, nobody
> seems to mention on documentation, so I'm fearing I'm probably wrong.

You can use this list to provide the missing documentation ;)


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