Invoking the spam checker on the sieve script

Alejandro Exojo suy at
Sat Oct 25 13:55:05 UTC 2014

El Friday 24 October 2014, deano-dovecot at escribió:
> On 2014-10-23 12:19, Alejandro Exojo wrote:
> What kind of VPS are you using ?  I'm in a similar boat to you, running
> my own domain(s) and email, and have built the mail system on a set of 3
> VPS', two 6G ram that cost $7/mo and one 1G ram that's $3.50/mo.  The
> two larger ones run exim4, spamassassin, clamav, nginx, roundcube,
> dovecot, munin (stats), solr (search), zpush, tinyrss, percona (mysql).

That's quite a powerful setup. :)  My VPS is one of the cheapest in Hetzner: 
7.9€ for 512MB of RAM. I thought of upgrading, specially because the sovereign 
guys ( claim that with 512/1024 you can use 
all of their setup, which is pretty powerful, much more than I would really 
use, I think.
> It all works swimmingly well.  The main setup will run in a 2G ram VPS,
> albeit with some swapping.  If you're on an SSD-backed VPS, it works OK
> - that was my old setup with Digital Ocean.
> ClamAV is the memory hog, spamassassin really isn't bad , so you might
> give it a shot ...

I think that running some simple spam filtering would be enough for me, so 
maybe I'll try to hardcode some stuff to make it at least filter something but 
not much.

Well, thank you all for the advice. I'll see what's easier to setup for me and 
give it a try next week.

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