Invoking the spam checker on the sieve script

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Fri Oct 24 12:46:56 UTC 2014

On 2014-10-23 12:19, Alejandro Exojo wrote:
> That most of my mail comes from 100% assured not spam sources: mailing 
> lists
> that are already filtered or rss2email (the second probably can be 
> skipped
> easily because it comes locally). I only have a small VPS, so I'm 
> trying to
> save some resources if possible. Spamassassin consumes quite a lot, 

What kind of VPS are you using ?  I'm in a similar boat to you, running 
my own domain(s) and email, and have built the mail system on a set of 3 
VPS', two 6G ram that cost $7/mo and one 1G ram that's $3.50/mo.  The 
two larger ones run exim4, spamassassin, clamav, nginx, roundcube, 
dovecot, munin (stats), solr (search), zpush, tinyrss, percona (mysql).

It all works swimmingly well.  The main setup will run in a 2G ram VPS, 
albeit with some swapping.  If you're on an SSD-backed VPS, it works OK 
- that was my old setup with Digital Ocean.

ClamAV is the memory hog, spamassassin really isn't bad , so you might 
give it a shot ...

24576 www-data     php /usr/share/tt-rss/www/u  0    10732    12943    
  3310 unbound      /usr/sbin/unbound            0    17644    17779    
  5298 debian-spamd spamd chil                   0     1860    34989   
  5297 debian-spamd spamd chil                   0     2156    35137   
  5292 root         /usr/sbin/spamd --max-child  0     3148    36869   
  3474 tomcat6      /usr/lib/jvm/default-java/b  0   122240   122621   
  5480 clamav       /usr/sbin/clamd              0   416496   416726   
20010 mysql        /usr/sbin/mysqld --basedir=  0   684200   684523   

All the mysql stuff is a 3-node replication cluster, the two main 
systems and a 3rd (small one) just running percona.  Dovecot is also 
replicating between the two main systems.  This way ALL the data is 
replicated between them, and I can hit either main system for all 
functionality.  Replication is over tinc encrypted sessions.

Dean Carpenter
deano is at areyes dot com
203 six oh four 6644

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