vpopmail, open_smtp_relay and non-PLAIN auth mechs

Jim Jagielski jimjag at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 12:50:39 UTC 2014

I've noticed that if using the vpopmail auth setup, that the roaming-user
provided via open_smtp_relay() is only done if the auth mechanism is PLAIN.
example, if the client authenticates via DIGEST-MD5, the open relay file is
not updated, as it should be.

This is due to the call to open_smtp_relay only being done
via vpopmail_verify_plain().
Instead, imo, that call should be done in auth_request_success() in the
file, so that it is done however the authentication is done, as long as it
is successful.

Attached is a patch for 2.2.15. Let me know if attachments are not the
preferred method
and I'll cut/paste.


Jim Jagielski
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