dsync userdb and required fields?

lejeczek peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jun 17 13:10:02 UTC 2015


I'm fiddling with dsync and get these in the logs:

auth: Error: password(ps655@): Password data is not valid 
for scheme SSHA: Input isn't valid base64 encoded data
auth: Error: ldap(ns580@, 
filter=(&(objectclass=person) ....

This is on a dovecot that I'd call second, to which I'd like 
to replicate, first dovecot which is already populated with 
users, etc. does not show these errors.
and I also have seen complains about possixAccunt I think. 
Do these mean that there is a base minimum required from 
dovecot/dsync in order to deem/find a user as a valid user?
Also I can tell that those users do belong to different 
domain (not even this RDN) than the one in which the second 
dovecot is trying to look.
These fields/attributes are nowhere defined/mentioned in my 
configs thus I wonder.

many thanks

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