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lejeczek peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jun 18 16:04:23 UTC 2015

On 18/06/15 14:01, Teemu Huovila wrote:
> On 06/17/2015 06:07 PM, lejeczek wrote:
>> On 16/06/15 14:27, lejeczek wrote:
>>> On 16/06/15 14:16, lejeczek wrote:
>>>> On 16/06/15 13:14, B wrote:
>>>>> P,
>>>>> On Tue, Jun 16, 2015 at 01:07:52PM +0100, lejeczek wrote:
>>>>>> I've barely started reading on dsync and I wonder..
>>>>>> would you know if it is possible to sync/replicate only specific
>>>>>> domain(users)? or it's always the whole lot?
>>>>> See
>>>>> http://blog.dovecot.org/2012/02/dovecot-clustering-with-dsync-based.html
>>>>> basically set 'mail_replica' to 'remote:server3' in your userdb
>>>>> B
>>>> thanks B,
>>>> userdb as appose to plugin?
>>>> it's quite unclear what to put there, to a beginner.
>>> also if I put mail_replica (having the rest, pretty much take form wiki in repl.conf) into userdb
>>> I get:
>>> line 24: Unknown setting: mail_replica
>>> this userdb uses ldap driver in case it may matter, I guess it should not.
>> gee, I cannot figure it out, and I'd guess it must be sort of typical situation,
>> where one would want to avoid replication os local/system users and only sync a virtual domain(s), no?
>> Can it be done by means of config files?
> What the original answer meant was, that you should put it in your userdb backend, in this case LDAP. So add a field in LDAP,
> which for users you want to replicate points to the replication destination and for other users is blank. then add it via a LDAP
> attribute template, e.g.
> user_attrs = \
>     =mail_replica=%{ldap:nameOfFieldContainingReplica}
> Make sure (with auth_debug=yes and mail_debug=yes in your config)the mail_replica is empty for users you do not want to replicate.
> Please read http://wiki2.dovecot.org/AuthDatabase/LDAP/Userdb http://wiki2.dovecot.org/Replication?highlight=%28mail_replica%29
> and http://wiki2.dovecot.org/Tools/Doveadm/Sync?highlight=%28mail_replica%29 carefully.
> br,
> Teemu Huovila
ok, I see, thank you
before now I delve into trying - having used wiki 
howto/example literally to setup replication I see that 
dsync attempts to replicate every user above my 
first_valid_uid, which already is a problem since this uid 
is my vmail=492 (I use if for non system users) and there 
are other system users up to uid=1000 (where "regular" users 
(ldap backend) start, a common scenario I believe). Now, 
this wasn't a problem cause no system user ever tried to 
login to dovecot but now with replication it seems messy!
If I suss out replication for users from a specific backend 
that does not somehow automatically/miraculously deactivate 
replication for all the other users, does it?

here just in case is my simple repl-config

service replicator {
   process_min_avail = 1
   unix_listener replicator-doveadm {
     mode = 0660

service aggregator {
   fifo_listener replication-notify-fifo {
     user = vmail
   unix_listener replication-notify {
     user = vmail

service doveadm {
   inet_listener {
     port = 12345

#doveadm_port = 12345
doveadm_password = secret

plugin {
   mail_replica = tcp:rider.ccnr.biotechnology:12345 # use 
   #mail_replica = tcp:anotherhost.example.com:12345 # use 
port 12345 explicitly

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