Dovecot 2.2.16 doesn't rotate mdbox files

Басов Евгений ya.mwork at
Mon May 4 17:30:32 UTC 2015


there's setting in my config file:

mail_location = mdbox:/var/vmail/%Ld/%Ln:INDEX=/var/indexes/%Ld/%Ln

mdbox_rotate_size = 1M
mdbox_preallocate_space = yes
mdbox_rotate_interval = 1d

As I understand, this settings means that file which contains letters
with refcount=0 will be rotated after 23:59 today. I remember letter ID
and execute grep whith this one in storage directory. Letter was
presented. After that, I removed letter over IMAP protocol, checked  and
find it again.

On the next day check with grep was repeated and letter was finded. After

doveadm purge -u user at domain

letter was expunged.

What's wrong in my configuration?

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