Bug#776094: dovecot-imapd: corrupts mailbox after trying to retrieve it (fwd)

Santiago Vila sanvila at unex.es
Mon May 4 19:04:01 UTC 2015


Thanks to Jelmer Vernooij, who has just uploaded version 2.2.16 for
Debian unstable, I can confirm that this bug may still be reproduced
in version 2.2.16, so it has *not* been fixed yet.

Several months ago I was told "I can't reproduce it in dovecot hg", or
something like that. Well, having this fixed in hg does not help very
much if the bug is still present in the latest released version (2.2.16).

Would anyone here please tell which commit exactly fixed this issue?

If it's not fixed yet, I would love to provide a patch, but I'm not a
programmer myself.

However, I provided a very precise and detailed explanation about how
to reproduce this bug, which you will still find in the Debian BTS:


Really, it should not be so much difficult to reproduce it. Try on a
Debian 8 system. I'm sure that if you follow the steps exactly as I
described, you will find the problem the same way as I did.


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