Failed running extprograms execute via socket - fatal recv(MSG_PEEK) failed disconnected

E.B. emailbuilder88 at
Tue May 5 19:28:54 UTC 2015

> > I went to go verifying in dovecot-pigeonhole that the two new patches are there
> > by manual inspect the source files you patched. I found only the first one, not
> > maybe this
> > because I downloaded a snap shot link at the top that wasn't built with the
> > 2nd change?
> >
> > I put 2nd change in manually (its only one liner) rebuilded and after install.....
> > same error with recv(MSG_PEEK)
> >
> > Thanks for ongoing help
> Argh! Ok, that fix was a bit incomplete still:

Sorry I over-looking this. I just tested with this new fix. IT WORKS.

> I wonder why my test didn't fail.
> The extent of this bug is limited to using execute as a command (as
> opposed to using it as a test in an `if' statement) and not providing it
> with any input.

That's not matching to my environment. My script is calling execute
within a if block but not as a test but it IS providing input (but not get
any output if that matters)

if ...
   execute :input "test input" "test";

Only thing still unsolved is my other thread don't know why the exectued
script has no filesystem access? (like "touch /tmp/test" ignored no error)

Also is the only different between direct and socket execute that with
socket I can run the script with more restricted owner and permissions?
Are there other differences?

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