PublicFolders using Maildir and INDEXPVT in Dovecot v2.2

Panayiotis Fafakos pfaf at
Fri May 8 15:24:11 UTC 2015

Do we have a way to keep the user \Seen flags in public folders
when an email is moved in another folder?

Sample test to reproduce:
Step a - UserA and UserB have both read the email in PublicFolderA.
Step b - UserA moves the email to PublicFolderB. UserA still sees the 
email as read (with the \Seen flag), this is expected behaviour and we 
are ok with this.
Step c - UserB sees the email in PublicFolderB as an unread message!? He 
is puzzled since he has already read this message and asks why this is 
happening. Can we correct this behaviour?

Thank you all,


On 5/5/2015 01:17, Panayiotis Fafakos wrote:
> Dear all,
> we have succesfully configured Dovecot v2.2.13 in debian wheezy 7.8 
> (using backports)
> using Maildir structure, to use private index files for the \Seen flag 
> on a per user basis.
> All users access their emails and Public Folders using IMAP protocol.
> The problem is that when a user moves an email from publicFolderA to 
> publicFolderB under the same namespace
> the other users see this message as unread, although they have 
> actually read it when it was in publicFolderA.
> Please note that this is an old message which has been moved , it was 
> not copied, so the actual UID should be the same...
> Is there a way to keep the \Seen flag for the messages that are moved 
> from folder to folder?
> Is there a way to keep the \Seen flag in a database, so that we can 
> ignore the folder structure and only check the message UIDs? We could 
> use MySQL, PgSQL or even SQLite...
> Below follows the Public-Folder namespace declaration:
> ------------------------------------------
> namespace {
>   inbox = no
>   location = 
> maildir:/var/vmail/Public-Folders:LAYOUT=fs:INDEXPVT=~/Maildir/public/%u
>   prefix = Public-Folders/
>   separator = /
>   subscriptions = no
>   type = public
> }
> ------------------------------------------
> With the above system configuration we have the complete folder 
> structure under ~/Maildir/public/%u, and many log files, one for each 
> folder a user has accessed.
> Could we only have one index file for each user for all the public 
> folder structure under the same namespace?
> Kind regards to all,
> Panayiotis Fafakos

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