v2.2.17 release candidate released

Michael Grimm trashcan at odo.in-berlin.de
Sun May 10 19:15:26 UTC 2015

Chris Ross <cross+dovecot at distal.com> wrote:

> I'd much rather be able to build dovecot without bash, because I don't
> have bash installed on my FreeBSD 10.1 mail server, where I run dovecot.
> I'd also be willing to help by porting any of the scripts that require
> bash to something else that is available in the base installation of
> FreeBSD as well as the variety of Linux distributions.

I started to learn awk today ;-) See an awk script attached that simulates "src/lib-fts/word-break-data.sh < src/lib-fts/PropList.txt > src/lib-fts/word-break-data.c". This script is pretty preliminary, although it does what it is supposed to do, if I am not mistaken. Please, give it a try.

It lacks a proper way of referencing stolen code in function mystrtonum (never wrote open source code); I did steal that code in order to stick to awk instead of gawk, which might be a portability issue as well. This script lacks any error handling, as well. Thus, consider it pre-alpha.

I do not have the time to continue for the coming days. Thus, anyone feeling to jump in: just do it ;-)


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