Released Pigeonhole v0.4.8.rc1 for Dovecot v2.2.17.rc1

Stephan Bosch stephan at
Mon May 11 19:09:46 UTC 2015

On 5/11/2015 6:24 PM, Brad Smith wrote:
> On 05/10/15 18:42, Stephan Bosch wrote:
>> Hello Dovecot users,
>> Here's the Pigeonhole RC that goes with the Dovecot RC. It includes a
>> few small fixes and one new feature.
>> Changelog v0.4.8.rc1:
>> * LDA Sieve plugin: Dovecot changed the deliver_log_format setting to
>>    include %{delivery_time}. This prompted changes in Pigeonhole that
>>    make this release dependent on Dovecot v2.2.17.
>> + Implemented magic to make sieve_default script visible from
>>    ManageSieve under a configurable name. This way, users can see the
>>    default rules, edit them and store a private adjusted version. This
>>    could also be achieved by copying the default script into the user's
>>    script storage, but that way updates to the global sieve_default
>>    script would be ignored.
>> - Fixed problem in address test: erroneously decoded mime-encoded words
>>    in address headers.
>> - extprograms plugin: Fixed failure occurring when connecting to script
>>    service without the need to read back the output from the external
>>    program.
>> - Fixed bug in script storage path normalization occurring with relative
>>    symbolic links below root.
>> - Fixed and updated various parts of the documentation.
> Since switching to 0.4.8.rc1 all Sieve filtering has stopped working
> for me. No errors in the logs. Switch back to 0.4.7 and everything
> is working fine.

You should try RC2 first. Your problem may be related, although I don't
really see how.

> The Wiki is useless for help.. "This section should contain a
> step-wise approach to troubleshooting.". So any hints as to how to
> determine what
> is going on behind the scenes with Pigeonhole?

You should enable mail_debug=yes. This will make Sieve spew a lot of
information about what it is doing.



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