Shared inbox?

G H uothrawn at
Fri May 29 03:57:21 UTC 2015

On May 25, 2015 12:59:45 PM EDT, Chris Ross <cross+dovecot at> wrote:
>I'm running dovecot 2.2.16 on my FreeBSD mail server.  I've read
>information on the wiki about setting up shared mailboxes, but I want
>to do something that isn't really coved by the instructions I was
>reading there.  My son (now 7 years old) has an account on the system,
>but doesn't use it directly.  But, for things he's interested in like
>Minecraft, and/or the local zoo, we have given out his email address in
>a small number of places.  What I would like to set up, both for now
>while he's not actually ever reading his email himself, and perhaps
>even for the future when we teach and/or allow for that, is for my wife
>and I to be able to "view" his inbox from our accounts.
>The instructions for setting up shared folders all are written so that
>they're secondary folders to all accounts.  Is there a way to either
>(a) configure sharing someone elses Inbox by other accounts, or (b)
>setting up a separately configured shared folder to _act_ as the inbox
>for a single account?
>Thanks.  Any suggestions to achieve the above described end goal would
>be appreciated. 
>                             - Chris

Look in to dovecot's master user feature as well.

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