Sieve "foreverypart" and "mime" extensions (RFC 5703) now implemented

Stephan Bosch stephan at
Sun Nov 29 19:20:08 UTC 2015


I have finally managed to implement the Sieve "foreverypart" and "mime"
extensions (RFC 5703). These are now included in the main Mercurial
repository and will be included in the next release.

I will be fixing a few minor details in the coming week; e.g.,
interaction with "include" and "editheader" extensions needs more work.
Still,  in the mean time, those of you who are interested can already
test this feature a bit. It is not a small feature, so knowing bugs
early is helpful. You can install it from the Mercurial repository or
get the latest Debian packages from Xi.

When I finish the last details (probably next week), I will release a
first RC version of Pigeonhole v0.4.10 right away.



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