'doveadm expunge' with -A and userdb { driver = passwd }

Axel Luttgens axel.luttgens at skynet.be
Fri Sep 4 21:42:15 UTC 2015

> Le 4 sept. 2015 à 19:38, Grant <emailgrant at gmail.com> a écrit :
> […]
>> And yes, the warning about doveadm’s -A option thus appears to be relevant in your case.
> In that case it sounds like my best options would be to either
> continue expunging old mail with a separate line for each user or
> switch to /etc/dovecot/users for user lookup and maintain a list of
> mail users there so I can use doveadm -A.  How can I switch to
> /etc/dovecot/users?

Note that the warning may be obsolete for recent versions of Dovecot, in the sense that (IIRC) doveadm’s iteration upon system users might honor the first_valid_uid (and last_valid_uid) settings since several years now.

A quick look at the code tends to show this is indeed the case; of course, only Timo could tell for sure. ;-)

Should it be the case, and provided you are running a sufficiently recent version of Dovecot, you could just explicitly set those values in your configuration file, in accordance to the uids you have allocated to your mail users.


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