How to "Windows Authenticate"

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> On 16 Sep 2015, at 19:10, Mark Foley <mfoley at> wrote:
> Does the Dovecot NTLM mechanism work with MS Outlook?
> [ ] YES
> [ ] NO
> Please check one ... anybody.
> —Mark

The URL on the wiki, which had probably been shared before with you;

suggests it does.

The URL quotes:

Step 5. Passwordless authentication

If you have logged on from Windows to the AD domain, try leaving the password field, on the account, on the MUA, blank. The username / password, from the initial logon to the Windows machine, are seamlessly picked up and supplied to the challenge-response process between the MUA, Dovecot and AD. Employing this way of authentication  we achieve single sign-on and we don't need to maintain MUA local passwords.

Did you follow the suggestions that are on that page? (all of them).

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