Double Dots

Ken Mandelberg km at
Wed Sep 30 14:13:13 UTC 2015

I've noticed lately that Dovecot seems to be inserting an extra dot in 
some url's contained in html email. The most consistent example I see
is in the newsletters from the Washington Post.

For example, if I look at the raw email on the mail server I see text 
that starts


But if I look at what Thunderbird shows it starts

I don't think its Thunderbird adding the dot, since K9 mail on my 
Android phone shows the same issue. It's only after the IMAP delivery
that the extra dot appears.

We are running dovecot 2.0.12

Incidentally, the newsletter is full of these link.washington post 
url's. For each article it appears 3 times, once on title, once on
a "read full article" link, and one on a picture. Its only the one
on title, that gets the extra dot after its been through dovecot. 
Furthermore, it only happens from the second article on.

Any ideas?

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