Reappearing emails (resolved by 2.2.23)

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Tue Apr 19 12:52:42 UTC 2016

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> Subject: Re: Reappearing emails - IMAP trace
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> What mailbox format do you use? Are you able to reproduce this by running doveadm sync commands manually instead of letting replication do it? For example:
>   - doveadm sync -s "" -d -u user at domain > state
>   - Run the UID STORE & UID MOVE
>   - doveadm sync -s "`cat state`" -d -u user at domain
> There have been some fixes, especially recently  sounds a bit similar although I don't really see how it would apply here. Would be a good idea to try anyway with v2.2.22.rc1 (which seems to be stable enough that I'll make v2.2.22 release soon).
> Anyway, I attempted a few times to reproduce it with your test but wasn't able to.

We had been running 2 replicating servers (Maildir format) using version 
2.2.10 under CentOS 7 in production for quite some time.  In this forum, 
I reported a problem that I traced to a timing problem where unread 
emails being moved to Trash would magically reappear in the INBOX.  I 
have since upgraded our production servers to 2.2.23.   The new version 
resolved the problem.  The version upgrade also resolved the occasional, 
but annoying, dsync maillog entries "Duplicate file entry at line ...".  
So, I am a very happy camper and appreciate the feedback.

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