sieve vacation: write to the .lda-dupes database without generating a vacation response.

Bradley M. Kuhn bkuhn at
Tue Apr 19 18:01:36 UTC 2016

I'm using Dovecot's sieve extensions quite happily, they are very good!
Thanks for all who worked on them.  I have a question that maybe is
appropriate for a sieve-specific discussion list, so if there is one I
should post to instead, please let me know:

I've poked through the sieve vacation RFC and all the documentation I
can find and I cannot figure out how to do this.  It's more-or-less not
the intent of sieve's vacation, so perhaps it's more of a "you can't get
there from here" situation, but maybe folks here have an idea:

I am (ab)?using sieve vacation to send an automated response at all
times to all senders who put me in the To line, every 90 days, which
explains my lack of responsiveness and to explain who else might be
better contact. (I have hundreds of emails sent to me to which I will
never have time to respond, and probably should have been routed to
someone else at my organization anyway.)

However, I *don't* want my regular correspondents to receive this
autoreply.  I'd thus like to seed the database with known individuals
I'm corresponding with to pretend they've already received the

Since I bcc an archive address on all emails, my original thought was to
detect people in the To and Cc line of outgoing emails and record them
in the .lda-dupes database, as they received a vacation email.  I can't
figure out how to do this; there is no option on the sieve vacation
directive that I can find to do something like this (i.e., I'm looking
for a a "do the usual, but *don't* actually send the the email" option
on the sieve vacation directive).

I do have various other solutions that help in this regard, for example,
I never send a vacation email to messages that match:
     header :contains "In-Reply-To"  ""
(where is my domain).

This helps, but obviously doesn't handle the situation where the
correspondent doesn't reply to one of my emails, or had a stupid MUA.

Furthermore, I'd like to implement as many methods as possible for my
regular corespondents to limit their receipt of the autoresponder.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can give!
   -- bkuhn
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