New Dovecot service: SMTP Submission (RFC6409)

Stephan Bosch stephan at
Tue Dec 12 20:39:08 EET 2017

Op 12-12-2017 om 15:28 schreef Tanstaafl:
> This is fantastic Stephan! Especially since I'll soon be rolling a new
> Dovecot server to act as a backup for our current Office 365 mail, as
> well as to be prepared in case I can ever talk the boss into migrating
> back to dovecot (we were using Dovecot for a really long time until he
> was convinced by others that we 'had' to be on Office 365).
> I'll also be setting up a shiny new VPS for my own private mail server,
> to provide better service that I currently get from my shared Dreamhost
> account.
> But can you confirm...
> Would this also be called 'BURL' support?
> And will this initial implementation work with current Postfix to
> provide the basic Save-To-Sent feature?
> I seem to recall there was some minor code required on the Postfix side,
> and Wietse seemed to not have a problem implementing it, but had asked
> about any IMAP Clients supporting BURL...

The thing is: with the Dovecot submission proxy, the availability of 
BURL support at Postfix/Exim/Sendmail is irrelevant. Dovecot handles the 
full SMTP BURL/IMAP URLAUTH functionality without MTA involvement. That 
should make configuration in most cases quite simple. The current 
implementation does require that the proxy has direct access to the 
user's mailbox for BURL (e.g. by running it on the same host as imap), 
but that restriction should be resolved soon, allowing for more complex 

However, keep in mind that for this particular feature we're just 
providing the "chicken" as it were. The "egg", i.e. client support, is 
still to come. Apart from Trojita (which I think is still not widely 
used), I know of no IMAP client supporting BURL/URLAUTH for message 
submission. I'd expect to see it first for clients that can truly 
benefit; i.e., mobile clients such as K9.



> On 12/11/2017, 6:14:26 PM, Stephan Bosch <stephan at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> As some of you know, I started implementing the SMTP submission proxy a
>> few years ago. It acts as a front-end for any MTA, adding the necessary
>> functionality for an SMTP submission service, also known as a Mail
>> Submission Agent (MSA) ( The main
>> reason I created this, back then, was implementing the BURL capability
>> ( The main application of that
>> capability -- together with IMAP URLAUTH -- is avoiding a duplicate
>> upload of submitted e-mail messages; normally the message is both sent
>> through SMTP and uploaded to the "Sent" folder through IMAP. Using BURL,
>> the client can first upload the message to IMAP and then use BURL to
>> make the SMTP server fetch the message from IMAP for submission, thereby
>> avoiding a second upload. Apart from BURL, the submission proxy service
>> also adds the required AUTH support, avoiding the need to configure the
>> MTA for SASL authentication. More SMTP capabilities like CHUNKING and
>> SIZE are supported, without requiring the backend MTA supporting these
>> extensions. Other capabilities like DSN currently require support from
>> the backend/relay MTA.
>> At this point, the submission proxy is still pretty basic. However, it
>> will provide a basis for adding all kinds of functionality in the (not
>> so distant) future. For the first time, it will be possible to act upon
>> message submission, rather than only message retrieval; e.g. plugins can
>> be devised that process outgoing messages somehow. Examples of the
>> things we could do are adding Sieve filtering support for outgoing
>> messages, or implicitly storing submitted messages to the Sent folder.
>> Once a plugin API is devised, you can create your own plugins.
>> The reason I send this message now, is that this code is finally merged
>> into the Dovecot master repository. This means that it is part of the
>> upcoming 2.3 release. Now that it is merged, you can install and test it
>> from Github if you like. Feedback is of course appreciated. The
>> documentation is still pretty sparse, but there is currently not much to
>> configure. Just add "submission" to the protocols and configure the
>> relay MTA server. The configuration is currently only documented in the
>> example configuration in doc/example-config/conf.d/20-submission.conf.
>> The submission service is a login service, just like IMAP, POP3 and
>> ManageSieve, so clients are required to authenticate. The same
>> authentication configuration will also apply to submission, unless
>> you're doing protocol-specific things, in which case you may need to
>> amend your configuration for the new protocol. BURL support requires a
>> working IMAP URLAUTH implementation.
>> I've updated the automated Xi Debian package builder to create an
>> additional dovecot-submissiond package. So, if you're using the Xi
>> packages, you only need to install that package and configure the relay MTA.

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