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Can you elaborate?


On 3/1/18, Aki Tuomi <aki.tuomi at> wrote:
> You can also use
> namespace virtual
> { location=virtual:/etc/dovecot/virtual:INDEX=~/virtual/:CONTROL=~/virtual/....}
> so you put the folder definitions under /etc and per-user indexes end up
> under user home. ---Aki TuomiDovecot oy
> -------- Original message --------From: LuKreme <kremels at> Date:
> 01/03/2018  20:40  (GMT+02:00) To: dovecot at Subject: Virtual
> question
> “For each virtual directory you need to create a dovecot-virtual file. Its
> syntax is like:”
> OK, where does this file get created?
> Say I want the users to have a virtual mailbox that is messages received in
> the last month, does that file go into each user'
> s Maildir path?
> It sounds like I have to create a virtual folder for each user, then any
> folders inside that folders, and then the config files in each of the sub
> folders.
> user1/Maildir/virtual/month/dovecot-virtualuser1/Maildir/virtual/week/dovecot-virtualuser1/Maildir/virtual/flagged/dovecot-virtualuser1/Maildir/virtual/Amazon/dovecot-virtualuser2/Maildir/virtual/month/dovecot-virtualuser2/Maildir/virtual/week/dovecot-virtualuser2/Maildir/virtual/flagged/dovecot-virtualuser2/Maildir/virtual/Amazon/dovecot-virtual
> Yes?
> If so, is there anyway to have a "global”virtual that applies to all users
> (but not that unifies the mail between users or anything like that).
> Also, will virtual mailboxes show up automatically for the user in the
> folder list or will they have to specifically subscribe to them? (Assuming
> they use a client that allows subscribing instead of auto showing all
> mailboxes like iOS).
> ˜kremels/ $ cat Maildir/virtual/month/dovecot-vitual #
> ~/Maildir/virtual/month/dovecot-virtualINBOXwork/*  all younger 2678400
> That should create a mailbox "month” in a folder named "virtual” that shows
> all the messages from the last 31d, yes? And I should be able to access that
> mailbox in a MUA like Roundcube or <spit>Thunderbird?
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