IMAP Limitations with Outlook 2013?

Robert Adkins radkins at
Mon Nov 19 19:49:31 EET 2018

Good Day!


                I have a fairly new user on my network that has, over about
10 months, created in root inbox and nested sub-folders totaling over 900
individual folders.


                In the past few weeks, newly created folders will be visible
in Outlook 2013, but when an email is moved into that folder, it is no
longer visible. I can ssh into the server, drill down to that sub-folder and
see the email in the folder AND it is also available to be seen without
issue in Thunderbird.

                I know this is a longshot, but if there is some feature that
I haven't found in Dovecot to force Outlook to synchronize with all the
folders/sub-folders, please let me know.


                Beyond that. With this particular users habits, over the
next 5 years, there could be nearly 10,000 folders/sub-folders. Does anyone
know if this will create any problems with Dovecot or is this JUST a
Microsoft software problem?




Best Regards,

Robert Adkins

IT Manager/Tool Designer

Impel Industries, Inc.

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