Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic) packages now available

Michael Ludwig frozenyoghurt2010 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 21:32:13 EET 2018

Hi Jean-Daniel,

thanks a lot for your answer.
Think for the first time I will stick to the default ubuntu version and see
how these packages will progress in the future.


Am Mo., 26. Nov. 2018 um 09:46 Uhr schrieb Jean-Daniel Dupas <
jddupas at xooloo.com>:

> > Le 25 nov. 2018 à 19:25, Michael Ludwig <frozenyoghurt2010 at gmail.com> a
> écrit :
> >
> >
> > Hello Dovecot-List,
> >
> > so Ubuntu users now can get the latest dovecot version. As I am just
> building a production mailserver for customers, this could come in handy,
> maybe.
> > For a live production system, is it reasonable to switch from the main
> Ubuntu Dovecot release to your newer packages?
> > How long will the Dovecot team build these packages? When the team don't
> want to build these packages anymore, how difficult will it be to switch
> back to the Ubuntu maintained versions?
> >
> I did the switch from mainstream to dovecot repo to upgrade from 2.2 to
> 2.3 on xenial, and appart one or two minor configurations changes, it
> worked just fine.
> And more recently, I switched from a bionic-backport of cosmic release
> (used to get 2.3 on bionic) to this just released version using apt and it
> was transparent.
> In my case, switching back to mainstream on the other hand would be
> harder, as I now rely on 2.3 specific features.
> So I guess as long as you don't use features that are not yet released
> upstream, switching back should not be difficult.
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