Multi-dbox storage space

Philon bytesplit at
Sun Feb 3 23:12:22 EET 2019

> On 03 Feb 2019, at 22:07, MRob <mrobti at> wrote:
> Hi, I originally picked mdbox because I had the impression from reading about it on the mailing list that it was more performant and that it would conserve disc space.
> But lately i found mailboxes have nearly double the storage as reported. I mean, IMAP QUOTA reports around 900MB for one account that has over 2GB when I inspect the mail location of the user using the linux command `du`
> Another account has around 750MB according to IMAP but using du I find 1.5GB. This is for message files and index files combined.
> Is this normal? I tried to read the MailboxFormat/dbox wiki page and it does not directly address this topic but it does reference "doveadm purge". Do I need to use "doveadm purge"?


> Expunging a message only decreases the message's refcount. The space is later freed in "purge" step.

Mails are not directly removed from disk. You should probably setup the nightly cronjob to clean your mailbox. Check the mailbox size once after running doveadm purge.


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