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Tamas Hegedus tamas at hegelab.org
Tue Feb 5 11:48:58 EET 2019


I am experimenting with the migration.
I unset mail_location, thus it is empty and dovecot performs automatic 
mailbox detection. Therefore I do not need per-user set of mail 
location. I login as a testuser and do:
doveadm sync maildir:~/Maildir

It seems for me that in this situation the new Maildir becomes the 
active mail delivery location at the time of the creation(?) or 
completing the sync(?).

So if I want to rerun to avoid loosing new messages:
doveadm sync maildir:~/Maildir
I got an error that I can not sync to itself.

I guess this would not be a problem and would be rather simply. However, 
if I issue a revers sync to be sure not loosing new messages:
doveadm sync -R mail/
doveadm(hegedus): Fatal: execvp(mail/) failed: Permission denied
dsync-local(hegedus): Error: read(remote) failed: EOF (version not received)

(I tried to set a+x on my old mbox 'mail' directory and its contents)

I would appreciate any suggestion.

On 01/30/2019 03:32 PM, Christian Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,
> Tamas Hegedus, 29.01.19:
>> * Configuration uses mail_location = mbox:~/mails
>> * setup per-user mail location and do for each user individually in a 
>> serial manner:
>> -- doveadm sync maildir:~/Maildir; mbox is synced to Maildir, long 
>> running time
>> -- doveadm sync maildir:~/Maildir; rerun to do it for new messages (fast)
>> -- add USER to userdb and set extra field to maildir:~/Maildir
>> users not present in the userdb should default to dovcot default; 
>> conditionally optional: doveadm auth cache flush
> IMHO there is no need to create or change special userdb entries. See 
> https://wiki.dovecot.org/MailLocation:
> "By default the mail_location setting is empty, which means that Dovecot 
> attempts to locate automatically where your mails are."
> Regards,
> Christian

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