acl_groups in LDAP

Jakobus Schürz wertstoffe at
Wed Feb 6 09:49:35 EET 2019

Am 05.02.19 um 08:23 schrieb Christian Rößner via dovecot:
> Hi,
> I found a 9 year old thread ( concerning acl_groups in OpenLDAP. In this thread someone asked, if it is possible to provide ACLs as multi value in OpenLDAP. I know that Dovecot expects acl_groups as a comma separated list, so currently I do this with a single value. Did the code change a little bit and accepts multi values now?
> Would be nice to have attributes like:
> ACLAttribute: group1
> ACLAttribute: group2
> ...
> Instead of:
> ACLAttribute: group1,group2
> Thanks in advance
This sounds good!

Or do you know, how to build an overlay for openldap, which produces the
list for acl_groups?


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