offtopic: rant about thoughtless enabling DMARC checks [was: Re: Bounces?]

Benny Pedersen me at
Sun Feb 10 04:45:41 EET 2019

A. Schulze via dovecot skrev den 2019-02-09 23:28:
> Am 09.02.19 um 19:56 schrieb Aki Tuomi via dovecot:
>> I'll review the settings when we manage to upgrade to mailman3

> before updating to mailman3 consider an simpler update to latest 
> mailman2.

will any of this implement openarc sealing ? :=)

> you're using 2.1.15, current mailman2 is 2.1.29
> Your missing an /significant amount/ of DMARC fixes!

we all missing the point of missing opendmarc that can test for openarc 
sealing and be done with all the mess :(

or add a wiki to opendkim to make it autodetect maillists just like cpan 
Mail::Milter::Authenticated does it

if it cant be done in opendkim lua we loose all

> and: more off-topic:
> while my messages *to* the dovecot list are sent using STARTTLS,
> messages *from* are sent without encryption.
> any reason to stay on unencrypted SMTP?

maybe same reason dovecot have a mx record ? :=)

but good catch if in ip is same as out ip

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