index problems after update

Aki Tuomi aki.tuomi at
Thu Feb 21 11:51:15 EET 2019

On 21.2.2019 10.53, Hajo Locke via dovecot wrote:
> Hello,
> Am 20.02.2019 um 10:39 schrieb Aki Tuomi via dovecot:
>>> On 18 February 2019 09:28 Hajo Locke via dovecot
>>> <dovecot at> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>>     it seems we need a dovecot developers opinion. May be we hit a
>>> bug or cant help ourselves.
> Thanks for your answer.
>> Core dump with backtrace would help, if possible to acquire. Please
>> refer to for information how to
>> get a core dump.
>> Aki
> Unfortunately its hard to get a backtrace because dovecot is not
> crashing. so it seems to be more a kind of logic problem in code and
> no unexpected situation.
> yesterday evening i had next incident. I upgraded from to
>, but same behaviour. Also is tricked by the broken
> index and delivers no new mails. it starts delivering if i delete
> index files. At this point i cant tell if also has same bug
> and writes a damaged index, but very likely.  We dont know this
> problems with 2.2.22, between 2.2.22 and a change on
> mbox-index code must happend which leads to this big problem. So imapd
> cant do what he was created for.
> For next incident i prepared a on base of Ubuntu 18.10 and
> will try this. In my opinion this is a major problem and i expect a
> lot of affected people with version > 2.2.22 and classic mbox-storage.
> Thanks,
> Hajo

We consider mbox + procmail setup somewhat edge case, and if the core
dump does not point into something more generic, it will probably not
get fixed. It is more likely to have this working if you use
dovecot-lda/lmtp with sieve instead of procmail.


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