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> I am having trouble locating examples of how to use doveadm backup.  All
> the examples I see are for sync.  I simply want to create a backup to a
> network volume of the email server's vmail folders.  The goal here is to
> have a reasonably current backup should the main drive on the email server
> go south.
> We currently authenticate our users from a mysql database.  User’s
> mailboxes are stored as domainname/username/Maildir
> I assume what I will wind up on the network volume is a duplicate
> directory structure as the vmail folder on the email server?
> Can someone help get me started here?
> Jeff

In my previous life as a SysAdmin, I solved this kind of problem easily
using the MTA.
Exim is my MTA of choice and has a facility to do concurrent delivery to
two storage locations using shadow_transport.
I am guessing your MTA is Postfix (or maybe Sendmail). Try and see if they
have such a capability or switch to Exim.

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