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Wed Jan 2 02:12:46 EET 2019

The real main differecne seems coming from "diffconfig.xml" 

When I put yours, Solr delete (!) schema.xml and create a
"manage-schema" and starts complaining about useless types (tdates,
booleans, etc..) that are not needed for Mail fileds 

When I put mine (from standard distribution of Arch), it keeps things as
they are (yeah !), does not complains about those useless types and
startup properly. 

I attach my diffconfig 

But these are the configurations that one should adjust as per his/her
own use. 

The main problem is : After some time of indexing from Dovecot, Dovecot
returns errors (invalid SID, etc...) and Solr return "out of range
indexes" errors 

On 2019-01-02 07:49, Joan Moreau wrote:

> Hi 
> Solr is a standard package in ArchLinux. ("pacman -S solr") . the systemd installation script is included (and it is launching /opt/solr/bin/ 
> Instance : sudo -u solr /opt/solr/bin/solr create -c dovecot -> this creates a separate folder with default solrconfig.xml, schema.xml, etc.. 
> I made a symlink of the data folder to a second drive (ext4) much bigger 
> On 2018-12-31 14:09, Daniel Miller wrote: 
> On 12/29/2018 4:49 PM, Joan Moreau wrote: 
> Also :
> - Java is 10.0.2
> Same as me. 
> - If i delete schema.xml but create only managed-schema, the solr refuses to start with a java error "schema.xml missing"
> we need to do some more digging.
> How did you install Solr? (I downloaded a "binary" installation and unpacked it)
> How did you create the dovecot instance?  (I've provided explicit instructions for how I did it - did you follow those exactly or something different)?
> How are you starting Solr?  (I use the provided "solr/bin/solr start" command, wrapped inside a systemd service).
> --
> Daniel
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