Some questions

Jérôme Bardot bardot.jerome at
Tue Jul 9 16:17:10 EEST 2019


This is my first email here.
I want to understand well how dovecot is integrate with ldap in a
postfix/dovecot/ldap setup.
I use a debian server.

More specifically what dovecot need in ldap to work.
I saw we can use several "mode" related to virtual domain, etc. For
"start" i only need one domain with several address.
I currently use fusiondirectory for manage my ldap users. i guess i
can use that schema to auto create users email
(name.firstname at domain.tld for ie) ?
I also want to setup some aliases and share directory based on ldap
group/role can i do it ?

An other question is can we have two domain name for imap.domain.tld
&& smtp.domain.tld ?

IF some questions are out of topic let me know.


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