Some questions

Daniel Miller dmiller at
Tue Jul 9 18:28:59 EEST 2019

On 7/9/2019 6:17 AM, Jérôme Bardot via dovecot wrote:
> Hello,
> This is my first email here.
> I want to understand well how dovecot is integrate with ldap in a
> postfix/dovecot/ldap setup.
> I use a debian server.


> More specifically what dovecot need in ldap to work.
> I saw we can use several "mode" related to virtual domain, etc. For
> "start" i only need one domain with several address.
> I currently use fusiondirectory for manage my ldap users. i guess i
> can use that schema to auto create users email
> (name.firstname at domain.tld for ie) ?
> I also want to setup some aliases and share directory based on ldap
> group/role can i do it ?
> An other question is can we have two domain name for imap.domain.tld
> && smtp.domain.tld ?


Dovecot & Postfix have no "hard" schema, or database definition, or 
particular fields. You need to create map files which tell each server 
how to use the information from LDAP (or any other database). Each 
server (Postfix & Dovecot) have their own configuration which is 
separate from each other. So you need to start with one or the other. 
Postfix questions should be asked on the Postfix list.

Everything you asked for above is easily doable - just start with one 
step at a time. Ask specific questions when you get stuck.


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