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Paolo Daniele paolo.daniele at
Wed Jul 10 11:34:29 EEST 2019

Il 10/07/19 10:27, Sami Ketola ha scritto:
>> On 10 Jul 2019, at 11.24, Paolo Daniele via dovecot <dovecot at> wrote:
>> connections are coming from the ip address of load balancer (also checked with a netstat -an)
>> I know that thunderbird has this problem and i haven't problem since the numbers of email domain increase.
>> I'm not sure the impact of rising the max user ip to an higher value in terms of ram consumption and cpu
>> Any suggestion?
> At some point in time thunderbird opened 1 connection per email folder on destination. So if you have 20 folders
> thunderbird would open 20 connections. Not sure if it is still true with current thunderbird versions.
> There is a limit on thunderbird config that controls this.
> Sami
I've checked the limitation on thunderbid and i've mitigated on our pcs 
(which have multiple email configured on the same servers) by telling 
thunderbird to store only one connection at the same time.
But i cannot "force" or contact every customer to check what client they 
use and change :)
This also create problems with Roundcube webmail which sometimes give me 
the same error.

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