Dovecot release v2.3.7

Tom Sommer mail at
Sat Jul 13 14:54:49 EEST 2019

Can you please put dovecot-2.3.6-2.x86_64 back in the repo so we can 


On 2019-07-12 14:29, Aki Tuomi via dovecot wrote:
> Hi!
> We are pleased to release Dovecot release v2.3.7.
> Tarball is available at
> Binary packages are available at
> Changes
> -------
> * fts-solr: Removed break-imap-search parameter
> + Added more events for the new statistics, see
> + mail-lua: Add IMAP metadata accessors, see
> + Add event exporters that allow exporting raw events to log files and
>   external systems, see
> + SNIPPET is now PREVIEW and size has been increased to 200 characters.
> + Add body option to fts_enforced. This triggers building FTS index 
> only
>   on body search, and an error using FTS index fails the search rather
>   than reads through all the mails.
> - Submission/LMTP: Fixed crash when domain argument is invalid in a
>   second EHLO/LHLO command.
> - Copying/moving mails using Maildir format loses IMAP keywords in the
>   destination if the mail also has no system flags.
> - mail_attachment_detection_options=add-flags-on-save caused email body
>   to be unnecessarily opened when FETCHing mail headers that were
>   already cached.
> - mail attachment detection keywords not saved with maildir.
> - dovecot.index.cache may have grown excessively large in some
>   situations. This happened especially when using autoexpunging with
>   lazy_expunge folders. Also with mdbox format in general the cache 
> file
>   wasn't recreated as often as it should have.
> - Autoexpunged mails weren't immediately deleted from the disk. 
> Instead,
>   the deletion from disk happened the next time the folder was opened.
>   This could have caused unnecessary delays if the opening was done by
>   an interactive IMAP session.
> - Dovecot's TCP connections sometimes add extra 40ms latency due to not
>   enabling TCP_NODELAY. HTTP and SMTP/LMTP connections weren't
>   affected, but everything else was. This delay wasn't always visible -
>   only in some situations with some message/packet sizes.
> - imapc: Fix various crash conditions
> - Dovecot builds were not always reproducible.
> - login-proxy: With shutdown_clients=no after config reload the
>   existing connections could no longer be listed or kicked with 
> doveadm.
> - "doveadm proxy kick" with -f parameter caused a crash in some
>   situations.
> - Auth policy can cause segmentation fault crash during auth process
>   shutdown if all auth requests have not been finished.
> - Fix various minor bugs leading into incorrect behaviour in mailbox
>   list index handling. These rarely caused noticeable problems.
> - LDAP auth: Iteration accesses freed memory, possibly crashing
>   auth-worker
> - local_name { .. } filter in dovecot.conf does not correctly support
>   multiple names and wildcards were matched incorrectly.
> - replicator: dsync assert-crashes if it can't connect to remote TCP
>   server.
> - config: Memory leak in config process when ssl_dh setting wasn't
>   set and there was no ssl-parameters.dat file.
>   This caused config process to die once in a while
>   with "out of memory".
> ---
> Aki Tuomi
> Open-Xchange oy

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