Question about migration 2.2 - 2.3 with replication

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Mon Aug 3 12:20:59 EEST 2020

Am 30.07.20 um 23:02 schrieb Ralf Becker:
> Do both replication nodes need to be updated at the same time?
> Or can a 2.2(.36.4) node replicate with a 2.3(.10.1)?
> Ralf

In case someone's looking here for an answer about 2.2 to 2.3 update
with replication and directors:

1. I first updated the directors, for which I run into the documented
problem with consistent hashing:
- docu says you can NOT run a director rind with different settings for
consistent hashing (director_consistent_hashing)
- I thought because I have nothing configured explicit, I wont be
affected, but that is wrong, as the default changed and therefore you are!
- to keep the director ring running, you have to explicitly configure
consistent hashing under 2.2 (I scaled down our K8s director service to
1 and reloaded that director, maybe you can also reload multiple
directors at the same time, I have not tried that)
- then you need to remove the  director_consistent_hashing  and update
your directors one by one
I also had to fix a couple of changed config settings eg.

2. replicating backends: I updated one of the backends to 2.3 and it
started replicating with the old backend. I only been in that situation
for a couple of minutes (at night) before I updated the second backend
to 2.3.

So far the only thing we noticed: private seen flags on shared user
folders (which were never supported for replication!) seem to be not
functioning any more in 2.3. Not functioning means, if they are
configured you can not set a mail to seen in a shared user folder. After
removing this configuration:

location = mdbox:%%h/mdbox:INDEXPVT=~/shared/%%u  --> mdbox:%%h/mdbox

seen flags behave as expected / are identical now if you access the
mailbox direct or via the shared user folder, and the are identical on
both backends.


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