How to access mailbox metadata in Lua push driver

Ralf Becker rb at
Mon Aug 3 12:31:40 EEST 2020

We're currently using the OX push driver, which is straight forward
(simple web hook) and allows to store (multiple) push tokens of our
webmailer direct in mailbox metadata.

Only drawback is that it only supports new arriving mails in the INBOX,
even mails moved via Sieve to other folders are NOT reported.

Therefore we updated now to Dovecot 2.3(.10.1) to also get mails moved
by user or Sieve scripts, deleted mails or flag changes.

As far as I read the example Lua scripts and (a little) the Dovecot C
code, the nice indirection of using mailbox metadata to a) enable push
and b) store push tokens (modify reported user attribute with them) does
NOT exist in the Lua driver by default.

So my questions is: how can I access mailbox metadata from within the
Lua script, to make eg. the example script behave like the OX driver
with user_from_metadata set?

I'm happy to update the Lua examples, if that's any help ...


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