How to access mailbox metadata in Lua push driver

Aki Tuomi aki.tuomi at
Mon Aug 3 12:40:10 EEST 2020

> On 03/08/2020 12:31 Ralf Becker <rb at> wrote:
> We're currently using the OX push driver, which is straight forward
> (simple web hook) and allows to store (multiple) push tokens of our
> webmailer direct in mailbox metadata.
> Only drawback is that it only supports new arriving mails in the INBOX,
> even mails moved via Sieve to other folders are NOT reported.
> Therefore we updated now to Dovecot 2.3(.10.1) to also get mails moved
> by user or Sieve scripts, deleted mails or flag changes.
> As far as I read the example Lua scripts and (a little) the Dovecot C
> code, the nice indirection of using mailbox metadata to a) enable push
> and b) store push tokens (modify reported user attribute with them) does
> NOT exist in the Lua driver by default.
> So my questions is: how can I access mailbox metadata from within the
> Lua script, to make eg. the example script behave like the OX driver
> with user_from_metadata set?
> I'm happy to update the Lua examples, if that's any help ...
> Ralf
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Actually it does exist:



You get both of these objects from the push notification data, you just have to keep them in the context state. (See the example scripts)

function dovecot_lua_notify_begin_txn(user)
   local meta = user:metadata_get("/private/key")
   return {messages={}, ep=user:plugin_getenv("push_lua_url"), username=user.username, meta=meta}


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