submission message quota

Admin Beckspaced admin at
Thu Aug 20 10:50:57 EEST 2020

> On 8/20/20 2:56 PM, Admin Beckspaced wrote:
>> If postfix is handling your submission service you can have a look at
>> postfwd
>> I use it to limit sending of emails, recipients, etc, etc
> Thanks for the suggestion!
> I am using Postfix as the relay host behind dovecot-submissiond.
> Unfortunately, unless I'm missing something, submissiond does not seem
> to be able to add the SASL username to the message headers, so I don't
> have a good way to distinguish sending users on the relay server.
> Cheers,
> Gerry

I don't use dovecot-submissiond

I use standard postfix submission and postfix recognizes the dovecot 
SASL username

Perhaps this helps?


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