Incremental purge?

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Mon Aug 24 08:12:25 EEST 2020


I think you can achieve file range approach using a small piece of shell 

First, extract user list using doveadm users '*'.
Then process this list to fit your needs (seven parts for a week and a 
part processed by week day for example).
Finally, use -u option of doveadm purge into a loop.

That is just a trivial first idea. You can notice that it will trigger a 
doveadm process per user, that seems to be less than optimum approach.

According do the documentation 
(, doveadm purge allow 
using a user *mask* as -u option. This feature can be usefull if you 
have a strict nameplan of your mailboxes : you can then calculate parts 
with a touchy mask.



Le 23/08/2020 à 20:10, Jesus Cea a écrit :
> I am using mdbox storage format.
> As far as I know, “doveadm purge” does a complete purge. The time and disk activity would be proportional to the number mdbox files on the storage. The purge time could be huge.
> I wonder if there is some way of doing a kind of incremental purge, stopping/restarting purging, etc. Purging by file range would be nice too.
> Advice?
> Thanks
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